Airlines 69.5 ( 1.2) Beverages – Soft Drinks 82.5 ( -3.1) Clothing - Sports Apparel 84.2 (N/A) Clothing Retail 75.5 ( -6.8) Finance - Private Banking 70.3 ( 2.4) Finance - Retail Banking 76.3 ( 0.7) Insurance - Life Insurance 75.7 ( -2.7) Insurance - Medical Schemes 74.1 ( 1.3) Insurance - Short Term Insurance 76.4 ( -2.4) Internet Providers - Fixed Line 67.0 (N/A) Internet Providers - Wireless 67.2 (N/A) Mobile Handsets 73.3 ( -2.7) Mobile Networks 75.4 ( -1.3) Personal Computers - Laptops 75.1 ( -3.8) Supermarkets 80.6 ( 1.8)


What is our reason for existence?
What drives us to get out of bed each morning?

To make sense

At Consulta we are sense-makers – having the uncanny ability to make sense of your customers, employees and partners through our relentless search for meaning in actions and experiences. We unearth insights that will enable you to offer solutions in a competitively positioned, customer-centric fashion.

To challenge

As fearless explorers of business frontiers, we not only challenge conventional wisdom by charting the uncharted and discovering beyond, but we will accompany you on your journey in discovering excellence that will allow you to offer the ultimate level of customer engagement.

To accompany

We want to become an indispensable partner in expanding your business frontiers. Consulta will accompany you to make your company the best version of your vision.


We are the only customer insights consultancy in Africa formally affiliated with a leading scientific institution, Business Enterprises.
We have created a new playing field, where our scientific foundation and capabilities as conceptual specialists, are valued and clients find essential.


This is Pivvy!

Pivvy will help you understand Consulta by guiding you through the philosophies, products and solutions that we provide.

For example, Pivvy would like you to watch our video right here.


In Consulta we follow an easy four step process called LUPA


In order to understand your business, we listen to you, your customers and your colleagues via various channels, including face-to-face, telephonic, email and web based interviews.


Our specialists unlock business, customer and experiential insights from data using advanced analytics.


The plan is executed through clear and aligned steps and processes, with the necessary guidance and action agents in place.


Newly acquired customer insights are utilised to create a clear, integrative and sustainable implementation framework, which will lead to an enhanced business proposition to your clients.


We listen, understand, plan & action through our 6 integrated solutions!


Design custom research tools and methodologies to unearth customer insights.

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Interacting with your customers and stakeholders and listening to what they have to say.

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Brand-community architects that establish, develop and maintain telephonic and online internal and external communities.

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Advanced Analytics

Provides robust and state of the art statistical analysis and modeling.

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Strategy development and implementation to take you from your current to your desired state.

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Cutting edge world class technological solutions to transform data into insight.

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Our Community Solution team is the proud managers of ConsultaPanel. ConsultaPanel allows consumers a safe, but true platform to contribute to the total offering package of day-to-day consumer products and –services, by voicing their opinions and participate in our online surveys.

ConsultaPanel Members are dedicated market survey participants and do so out of their own free will, for the opportunity to contribute to a better South African consumer market.

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