South African market research company wins local and international recognition

The past week has been exciting here at South Africa’s leading market research company, Consulta Research. Our CEO, Prof. Adre Schreuder, just returned from the Interactions 2013 Conference in Indianapolis (USA) where he accepted an award for a ground-breaking call centre system that our team developed. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Dries Noeth, also received a gold award for the best paper at last week’s South African Market Research Association (SAMRA) Conference in Johannesburg. Here’s a brief overview of our recent accolades:

Our ground-breaking call centre system wins EMEA (European Middle East Africa) Innovator Award

In 2012, Consulta embarked on a major IT investment to develop a new call centre system. Part of the development included the integration of our online survey platform (Verint Vovici) with the telephony system (CIC from Interactive Intelligence) used in the call centre. Among others, it included the creation of a realtime performance dashboard to improve the call centre’s functionality and effectiveness. In the new system, the hit-rate was higher, while the most significant difference observed was the time spent to complete surveys. Key improvements include:
  • Productivity improvement of 28%
  • Telco cost reduced through better utilization
  • Decreased agent resources from 85 to 70 while achieving the same output
  • Agent’s time spend on the system increased by 20 minutes per agent per day, essentially gaining 23 agent hours per day
Following these innovations, Consulta was selected as a finalist for the International Innovator Award at the Interactions 2013 Conference, May 13 – 16 in Indianapolis, IN. This is the first nomination from South Africa and makes us extremely proud. As industry leaders in the field of market research, we’re thrilled to be a part of new innovations in our line of business.

Consulta Research wins Best Overall Research Paper at the SAMRA 2013 conference

Consulta Research received the award for the Best Overall Research Paper at the SAMRA 2013 conference that took place on 16 – 17 May, in Johannesburg.

The paper, presented by Dries Noeth (CMO of Consulta Research), investigated the difference between real-time
measurement and more traditional research methodologies, and how the methodologies can be integrated to provide a more robust insight of how customers interact with an organisation. The paper holistically looks at the measurement and management of Customer Experience, essentially dividing customer experience measurement into three main areas as illustrated below:

Main Areas

  • On the top most level you need a national and international benchmark measure that allows you to compare yourself against others in the industry and/or sector.
  • On the second level you need a proprietary in-depth measurement that provides strategic insights and action plans.
  • Thirdly you can also have an operational or tactical measurement that allows you to keep track of, and identify changes that happen on an operational level.
“The point is that metrics used in the organisation should be aligned to specific research and organisational objectives, and any real-time measurement should be aligned with a higher order strategic measurement” explains Noeth.

He further reminded listeners that there are numerous new channels that allow customers to share their views and experiences with companies: “Customers expect that their interaction with companies, products, and brands will have an influence on how the company treats them. Customers want companies to show that they understand their needs and opinions, and giving consumers what they want will become the expectation rather than the exception”. Click here to view the full presentation.


Consulta Research, the leading customer experience measurement provider in South Africa, announced a partnership with Clarabridge, the global leader in text and sentiment analytics driving Customer Experience Management (CEM). Together, Consulta Research and Clarabridge offer an integrated solution to provide businesses with customer insight from structured and unstructured data in call centers, social media activity, and customer feedback systems.

Online customer reviews and social media feedback, categorized as unstructured data, traditionally come from disparate sources and are difficult to comprehensively aggregate and analyze. Consulta’s sentiment analysis solution, powered by Clarabridge, arms business with an intuitive, enterprise-grade solution that automatically monitors and analyzes unstructured content. Delivered in real time, critical voice of the customer data bolsters service recovery, and training and operational improvements. Go to to discover how Consulta Research can assist you in understanding your client.


Consulta Research was founded in July 1998 by Prof Adré Schreuder, a doyen of the South African market research field, who has more than 20 years of academic and research experience and is a full professor of marketing. The company was the first fully-fledged research supplier to be launched through the University of Pretoria’s business venturing enterprise. Consulta is one of the best Research companies in South Africa.

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